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January 3, 2013
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Fallout New Vegas - FemShep Race by lsquall Fallout New Vegas - FemShep Race by lsquall
Fallout New Vegas version
Type 6 Body Replacer OR Type 6 Modification Body - Not required but recomended, the head model was created for those bodies.

[About other body mods]
If you use Type 3, you will get neck seam issue.
If you dont use any body mods and have default body, you will get both neck seam issue and texture glitches.

Link to the Type 6 Body: [link]
Link to the Type 6 Modification Body: [link]

This mod adds a playable Female Shepard race from Mass Effect 3 to the game. The body color looks good, but if you unsatisfied with that, you can increase "Shade" a bit in the "Skin Tone" options.

Bioware - Mass Effect 3, models, textures, amazing universe.
Gildor - UModel Tool.
Dimon99 and his buddies - Type 3 textures.
Necroscope - for Type 6 body replacer.
Izumiko - for Type 6 Modification body replacer.
Scanti - The Conformulator Tool.
Me (xxShepardxx, Solid_Snake, LSquall) - rigging, making a race, some texture editing, etc.
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Is there a way to make the hair not clip through cowboy hats?
thats cool 
It is truly awesome mod, but i have one and only issue, could you make it as a preset for any other race, then it would be the greatest mass effect mod i have seen
How to Set a Race to a NPC ?
You have to go into the geck and find the NPC you want to edit, then set the race to whatever custom race you want to use, and then (at least this was for his awesome Jill Valentine mod) you have to set the reference npc in the bottom left corner of the render window and check the "use model/animation" box. It also helps to check the "Can be all races" box.
шикарная работа. пол сети облазил пока нашел настоящий шедевр.
а есть ссылка на эту крутую броню?
:D Yay! Okay, this is pretty damn amazing, look at all the hard work you had to do to achieve it :heart:
Type 6 body link is dead, mod is hidden.  Also is it possible to make the face configurable in the GECK? I have a bullet wound I prefer to use on my Courier(for obvious reasons) however when I went into the GECK, the face had no textures but the hair, eyeballs and teeth. When I decided to change the head texture anyways, it gave a scary.....outcome. I love the structure, would just love to work off it and give the face some of my touches(blue eyes and the bullet wound scar)
This is an awesome mod! I honestly wouldn't mind seeing an oni-tool replacer for the pip-boy, and even an omni-blade weapon to go with those unarmed weapons that are similer, ya know! But again, trully awesome mods, ya know!
krizalidbrando Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool!
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