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December 24, 2012
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Fallout New Vegas MOD:Asari Project - Liara T'Soni by lsquall Fallout New Vegas MOD:Asari Project - Liara T'Soni by lsquall
Fallout New Vegas version
Pip-Boy Readius - Highly recommended. You can get it here: [link]

This mod allows you to play as charming Asari named Liara T'Soni from Mass Effect Universe! She has her own head model, face animation, body model based on Type 6 body replacer and several armors. Start a new game, choose Female - Liara T'Soni, DONT CHANGE SKIN TONE and you ready to play. New Game is NOT REQUIRED, but console commands (Such as "Showracemenu") wont do any good for your character stats ;)

Base body using Type6M + Underwear made by Izumiko. Nude body using Type 6 Default made by by Necroscope. Censored body (Body with underwear) is installed by default. If you want to use nude body for her, copy "meshes" folder from "Nude Body" folder of the mod archive, to your "Data" folder of the game :)

[Available Armors]
1. Liara Shadow Broker Oufit.
2. Liara Shadow Broker Oufit Alternative (Collectors Edition).
3. Liara Battle Dress (Alternative Appereance Pack).
4. Liara Aliance Armor (DLC "From Ashes").
6. Liara Aliance Armor Alternative (DLC "From Ashes").
7. Rebecca Chambers Outfit adapted for Liara (Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition).
8. Combat Uniform by Izumiko adapted for Liara (Urban, Digital, Woodland Camouflage).
9. Camouflage Sleepwear by Izumiko adapted for Liara (Urban, Digital, Woodland Camouflage).
10. Asari Adept Outfit BRW (Black Base + Red ChestSpine + White Stripes).
11. Asari Adept Outfit GBN (Green Base + Black ChestSpine + No Stripes).

[Using other armors]
You can use any other armors, from other mods or default game, its doesnt matter. But they wont work properly. You may encounter neck seam issues, texture color difference, "no normal map effect". So any other armors must be adapted manually for Liara. Thats because of the different settings for her body and different texture path for bodyhands normal maps.

[Future Plans]
I'm planning to add more armors in the future, ask freely if you want a specific armor for her and i MIGHT be able to make your request happen. Also i will rework some existed armors from the first release for better shape, rigging and quality.

[Items Location]
Armors located in the Locker inside Doc Mitchell's house.

BioWare - For the Mass Effect game series and ofcource for amazing character Liara T'Soni =P Also models and textures.
Capcom - Resident Evil 5, models and textures.
Dimon99 and his buddies - for Type 3 body replacer.
Necroscope - for Type 6 body replacer.
Izumiko - for Type 6 Modification body replacer, for awesome Combat Uniform and for the Underwear for Type6M.
Me (xxShepardxx, Solid_Snake, LSquall) - Liara head rigging, rigging and porting Mass Effect armors, adding race support for Liara, texture modifications for Type 6, adapting Izumiko's armors for Liara.

Version 1.0 - First Release.

ALSO! Forgive me if i have forgot to include any files in the mod archive. Report your problems as soon as possible and i will try to help.
ALSO II - You can check out crappy video preview of the mod!
Here: [link]
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XbrisbyX Feb 4, 2014  New member
please ignore those posts and forgive my complete mental retardation 
XbrisbyX Feb 4, 2014  New member
im retarded ignore those
XbrisbyX Feb 2, 2014  New member
actually theres no meshes folder either except for the nude version. could you release the textures and meshes folder with the mod so it can be ported. if possible that is idk too much about modding at the moment
XbrisbyX Feb 2, 2014  New member
hey i wanted to port this to fallout 3 but there doesnt seem to be a textures folder with the mod which is wierd because it works great in new vegas but im an exclamation point in fallout 3. any advice?
where is the link so I can download it
Amazing! I honestly love Mass Effect, but am curious about nudity?
Damatee Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Since you said you are planning on adding new armours in the future I would love to see see Cerberus Phantom armour added (with removable helmet if possible).

also I would like to ask is there any possibility of there being a Fallout 3 version of this mod at any point?
MW1994 Sep 23, 2013  Student Photographer
i'm going to use this mod files on fallout 3
Many thanks for the mod.
I have made a follower version from your mod (for personal use).
It is crude, as it is my first attempt at a follower, but it is working and mostly voiced with rips fro ME3.
Would you be interested in reviewing my revision, and possible upload for distribution?
I will not make a move without your review.
forget the previous post; too many ripped assets.
Could get me banned.
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